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Plan a move to Switzerland for yourself and your family. By creating your own company, you will be able to find a job in it and get a permit to live and work in Switzerland.

Moving to Switzerland: why choose the Confederation?

Natural cleanliness, developed infrastructure, high standard of living, asset protection, security for people – all in one place? If you are interested in this, then welcome to Switzerland.

Switzerland is a truly unique country for life and business. Thanks to many years of neutrality, a well-thought-out policy and the protection of their own interests in a peaceful way, it has formed its own atmosphere. Let me give you some examples:

  1. Unspoiled nature, lakes, mountains and a reverent attitude to this – a very Eco-friendly place to live, especially since many prefer to live in small towns or even villages.

  2. At the same time, the country is a financial and business center, with up to 2/3 of the world's private capital concentrated in Swiss banks.

  3. Industry, especially high-tech, is based in a variety of cantons.

  4. Taxation for local residents is quite low, in comparison with other countries, and still strongly depends on the specific canton.

  5. There is still a direct democracy in the country and, if it is necessary to make a serious decision, every citizen of the country has the right to vote for what they believe is right.

  6. Foreign citizens can get a residence permit, then permanent residence and citizenship, and there are several ways to do this.

The method of tax agreement (payment of lump-sum tax) was popular among the wealthy. In this case, you can quickly become a resident of Switzerland, as well as save on taxes (in the past). In recent years, the popularity of this method has fallen.

Today, we consider it much more predictable and effective to obtain a residence permit in Switzerland through business immigration. In other words, through the creation of a business in the country and employment in it.

Business immigration to Switzerland: advantages

Why should you use business immigration in order to get a resident status and live in the country?

  • This is more predictable and there are far fewer internal arrangements in the way that can change;
  • You can get a resident status for a period of 3 months or more;
  • Together with you, your family – spouse and children under 19 years of age can get resident status;
  • This is significantly cheaper, compared to the lump-sum tax, both in terms of direct investment  and in terms of paying for the services of local lawyers;
  • You will be able to do business and earn income in the country, while the lump-sum tax prohibits  you from working in Switzerland.
By investing in a business and offering employment in it, you are applying for a Permit B (residence permit B). It is issued for a year and is extended if your employment is maintained.

After 10 years, you can get a type C permit (permanent residence), which removes almost all the restrictions inherent in the b permit. Over time, you will be able to apply for Swiss citizenship. Dual citizenship is allowed in the country.

Business immigration to Switzerland: what needs to be done?

Despite the predictability that is prescribed in the law, the process of obtaining a residence permit through business immigration has its pitfalls. In particular, consider the following:

Each Canton (and there are 26 of them) has its own nuances. Paperwork is a priority!

About the documents should be said separately. When applying, you will need to provide and / or prepare:

  1. Apostilled copy of the passport.

  2. Autobiography (CV) in English, German, or French.

  3. Certified translation with apostille of a certificate of no criminal record.

  4. Job description – certified translation.

  5. Apostilled copy of the spouse's passport.

  6. Certified translation and apostille copy of the marriage certificate.

  7. Certified translation and apostille of a copy of the birth certificate of children under 19 years of age.

When registering a business, you will need a detailed business plan if you are opening a new company, or an annual balance sheet and tax return for an existing company.

Our experience also shows that when studying the application, the authorities carefully look at the documents on education. They must be carefully prepared.

Proof of the legal origin of funds is a must.

The most convenient way to get a residence permit in Switzerland is to open a local company hire yourself as well as at least 3 residents (depending on a Canton). Then you can apply for a residence permit as an employee, plus get a residence permit for your loved ones.

You can open a limited liability company – GmbH, or an analogous joint-stock company-AG. The authorized capital of the GmbH is lower (20,000 francs against 100,000 for AG), but the joint-stock company offers additional opportunities for personal data protection.

We are ready to help you with opening local accounts, managing the company, and hiring a local Director.

Procedure: how to get a residence permit in Switzerland through business immigration

  • Consult with a specialist to choose the appropriate Canton, company type, and other nuances;
  • Provide a full set of documents and prepare for a personal visit to Switzerland;
  • Proceed with a company registration and all organizational issues;
  • In about 3 months, you and your family will be able to count on obtaining a residence permit (Permit B) in Switzerland.