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Since Swiss Banks are the most reliable today, it will also be a good choice for legal entities. To do this, you will first need to provide a summary of the beneficiary (brief information about yourself), as well as information about what services the firm provides.

When choosing the currency in which the account will be opened, keep in mind that the Swiss franc is very stable. Over the past century, this currency has hardly been devalued. So in times of financial crisis, a Swiss Bank account will not only save money, but also increase it.

According to the Chairman of the Board of one of the major Swiss banks regarding opening accounts for export-import firms with multi-million dollar turnover, the client needs to provide the following list of documents:

  1. You will need to provide a summary of the beneficiary (summary of it), as well as information  about what services are provided by the firm.

  2. The types of contracts that will be receiving funds.

  3. In what currency are assumed to be received.

  4. The nature of the future income (in a lump sum or in installments).

  5. From what States will be made the payments.

  6. In what form will receive payments. This can be a currency or one of the banking instruments, such as a letter of credit.

  7. The citizens of the state are beneficiaries.

  8. If small amounts are recorded in the attached Bank statements, you will need to confirm the legality of the turnover of large funds by providing the appropriate documents.

  9. Who will make decisions about transferring large amounts of money: Manager or other person.

The current account can be managed using a credit card. No profit is expected from such an account.

In addition, the Bank's specialists can help you open a Depository account. These accounts can be registered, numbered, and deposits for legal entities.

Personal accounts are opened to citizens. The customer's name is replaced with a special number in the license plates. All operations will need to be carried out through a personal consultant, but it provides anonymity and reliable protection of funds.

Any company can open a Depository account for legal entities. It is conducted on the same principle as the numbered one. In this account, you can put money in a Swiss Bank at an interest rate.

To open an account, a legal entity will need to present:

  • Constituent documents;
  • Passport of the head of the company (foreign) as well as an extract from the registry with information for the last 6 months. This requirement is relevant if the company has been operating for more than a year.

    Opening a Swiss Bank account is the best way to protect your funds from devaluation in times of economic turmoil. Our company will be happy to help you open an account as quickly as possible in this stable and prosperous country.