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Principles of good governance remain the same for every company. It’s about managing the often complex relationships that make up a business, so that all needs and interests are taken into account.

Following and maintaining strong corporate governance arrangements and regulations can make a significant difference to the way in which a company is managed. Ensuring that the correct board structure is in place, planning for disasters, contingency and financial procedures in the event of an extreme situation are all best considered before they happen.

Whether you are looking to enhance your overall corporate governance, improve effectiveness of your board, or institutionalize your family business, directors and administrators can help you. Our range of highly specialized corporate governance services offered by our partners are well suited to address all your corporate governance needs:

  1. Improve decision performance, overall collaboration and decision-making agility while providing secure just-in-time access to information for a nimble Organization.

  2. Reduce costs while improving performance so middle-management, the Leadership Team, and Board Members focus on more relevant value adding tasks.

  3. Eliminate opacity in your Organization, so the Leadership can stay up to date with what's being decided within your Organization's chain of command.

  4. Should you really still be pushing paper in this century? Modernize the workspace and how you collaborate to achieve best of breed Enterprise Governance.
Clients routinely find that a strong culture of corporate governance can significantly improve a company’s strength and prospects of success.

Good corporate governance can help ensure that a company is transparent and accountable. This means taking responsibility for all outcomes – good and bad. It is more than mere compliance with legislation or a tick-box exercise and spans many areas of an organization's activities, which together add up to a well governed organization.

We can help clients achieve good governance by providing corporate governance services in the seven key areas below:

  • Regulatory Compliance;
  • Strategy and Business Planning;
  • Accountability & Openness;
  • Risk Management;
  • Performance Management;
  • Board Functions;
  • Internal Controls.