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The international mortgage market is extremely complex and wide-ranging. There are many issues to take into consideration such as currencies, income, security and the legal framework in different countries and indeed different regions.

Our clients

Our partners don’t deal with the ‘typical’. They work in the most complex part of the market and so it’s no wonder that our clients come from all backgrounds, countries and require help and advice in all manner of situations.

Our lender access

Language barriers, cultural differences, foreign credit processes and legal systems makes the international mortgage market hard to navigate. Our colleagues work on your behalf to source and negotiate the best possible mortgage for you or your client’s circumstances. Working with a global network of over 300 lenders, ranging from small building societies to challenger banks, alternative lenders and global private banks.

Global reach

The core lending markets are the United Kingdom, France, Monaco, Spain, Switzerland, Portugal, Jersey and Guernsey. However, our lender knowledge reach and network means we can technically arrange mortgages anywhere in the world.

Personal services

Our network of advisors work for and on behalf of our clients. We are on your side and negotiate with our lenders to secure the best possible mortgage finance based on your unique circumstances. We are discreet, responsive and proactive. We will source and negotiate your mortgage funds and then work with all parties to secure the desired outcome in the time-frame required.

Unrivalled expertise

We thrive in complex, challenging scenarios and work with whatever circumstances are presented to us. Our specialists like to push boundaries, negotiate and will always secure the best possible outcome. Their strong lender network will ensure the best possible solution to suit your needs, and where appropriate, we can also advise on alternative approaches to your mortgage solutions.