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Swiss banks are known as the most reliable in the world. Opening an account in such a credit institution is considered a sign of solidity, respectability and business success. In addition, it is one of the best ways to save your capital.

General rules for opening an account

Anyone can apply to one of the Swiss banks to open an account. The client also chooses the account currency at will. This can be francs, dollars, euros, or other freely convertible currencies.

However, there are still refusals to open an account. Not so long ago, bankers could refuse someone who was well-known in politics for fear of harming their reputation, as well as because of doubts about the legality of the source of capital.

Swiss banks are very attentive to the documents proving the legal origin. Although everyone can formally open an account there, in fact, a thorough check is carried out. Therefore, it is better to contact a reputable company for help in opening an account.

Deposits in Swiss banks are not particularly profitable. For some types of deposits, the yield may be a fraction of a percent. Therefore, accounts are more often used for calculating and saving capital than for increasing it. However, a low interest rate is a kind of payment for the highest level of reliability and confidence in the safety of money.

Opening an account for an individual

You can open a personal account for funds that are legal. If the dossier is agreed with the Bank in advance, this procedure sometimes takes only few hours. In some cases, it is possible to open a personal account without the client's presence.

A person who is interested in opening a Swiss Bank account must submit the following list of documents to submit a request:

  1. Its full data.
  2. A copy of the document proving the identity.
  3. Currency in which the client wants to open an account.
  4. Description of the source of origin of funds.
Based on this data, our specialists prepare a dossier for submission to a Swiss Bank. After that, we inform the client about the next steps and what other documents are required.

We offer dossiers to several banks at once, the terms of which meet the client's needs as much as possible. The results of the review depend on the information specified in the dossier, your wishes and their coincidence with the capabilities of bankers.

In some cases, bankers want to meet clients in person. You don't always have to go to Switzerland to do this. If the selected Bank has a representative office in your country, you can go there to meet with the manager.

The standard period for making a decision to open an account is from two weeks to a month. If the application is approved, the client is informed of the details for transferring money: Swiss banks are not very fond of working with cash.

Cooperation with our company will allow you to choose a reliable Swiss Bank that offers the best range of services for the client. We work with both private banks and credit institutions with state participation. Some of them are more than 100 years old.