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Tax planning is an integral part of the company's financial management, which allows you to reduce tax liabilities as much as possible without violating the law. Tax planning is based on building an optimal business model with the correct and full use of all the benefits and advantages provided by law, as well as taking into account current changes in the tax, budget and investment policy of the state. The effectiveness of tax cost optimization lies in its universality: saving on taxes will bring a tangible positive result regardless of the company's sphere of activity.

Our local expertise, combined with qualified, experienced lawyers allows us to analyze, optimize and solve complex fiscal situations and provide legal advice on Swiss commercial law by finding you best advisors in our network. Legal specialists in Switzerland offer tax services include experience in worldwide jurisdictions, as well as in matters relating to individuals and private companies and other transparent entities, tax-advantaged investing and more.

These are the most particular services:

  • Group tax structuring;
  • M&A tax advisory services (due diligence, deal structuring, ruling negotiation, cross-border analysis etc.);
  • Negotiation and obtaining of tax rulings in Switzerland;
  • Direct tax compliance, tax returns preparations and tax optimization;
  • VAT compliance, consulting, registration and audits;
  • Transfer pricing analysis and policy set-up;
  • Companies set-up and administration;
  • Succession planning;
  • Personal tax optimization and wealth planning.